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When you sell your vehicle with, your car is advertised on our partner network of 26+ classified venues, including AutoTrader, Buy & Sell, Kijiji, and CarPages, with a combined estimated count of more than 5,000,000 visitors monthly.

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Online Purchasing

With the online Buy it Now feature, your car is for sale online 24/7.

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Need it sold quickly? New auction listings are added every week. Add yours to the list!

Non-Commission Sales

Easy, non-commission sales make the purchase process virtually effortless for buyers.

Sales fees

Transparent sales and service fees makes selling your car with easy.

Fees (Always Applicable) Description Cost
First-time sales fee (Discounted) * 8.5% of the sale price - minimum of $375 / maximum of $850 $375 - $850
Standard sales fee 18.5% of the sale price - minimum of $375 / maximum of $1850 $375 - $1850
Book-in fee Check-in, photos, listing report, advertising across 26+ sites $95
Warranty Powertrain warranty for peace-of-mind for the buyer $75
Carfax Vehicle history report and lien check $90
Clean-up Wash and sanitize $65 / Professional detailing $275 $65 - $450
Fuel All vehicles are subject to a minimum fuel levy $50
Registration transfer ICBC fee to transfer registration $28
Cash advance Amount received as a cash advance Variable
Cash advance fee For receiving up to 30% of the unencumbered sale value up front $125
Auction run fee One-time fee to run the vehicle through auction until it sells $75
Fees (If Applicable) Description Cost
Sales fee (Boats over 22ft) 10% of the sale price with minimum of $375 and no set maximum Variable
Lien payout fee If is required to facilitate paying the lender and clearing the title $175
Rebuilt surcharge If the vehicle has a rebuilt status $300
Over 10 years surcharge If the vehicle is 10 years of age or older $300
Boat/RV surcharge All marine and recreational items $300
Commercial/heavy Surcharge for commercial vehicles and heavy equipment $600
Delayed contact fee If the client does not respond to correspondence within 4 hours $75

*First-time sellers and customers using the Sell-Back option get a discounted sales fee rate of 8.5%. Repeat sellers are required to pay the standard sales fee rate of 18.5%. See table for details.

Selling Requirements

When selling your vehicle, you are required to provide the following documents:

  • Identification;
  • Vehicle title;
  • Proof of purchase;
  • Two years of insurance records if proof of purchase is not available

You are required to insure the vehicle for storage and leave the vehicle on the premises of Wekan Holdings Ltd. DBA Burnaby until the vehicle is sold. There is no option to reverse the contractual agreement once it is engaged and signed.

You are liable for all repairs needed on the vehicle at the time of sale, for paying out any liens/encumbrances owing on the vehicle, and for covering any shortfalls/negative equity if the lien amounts are greater than the proceeds collected from the sale.

Cash Advances

Get a Cash Advance of up to 30% of the agreed-upon sale price, on the unencumbered net equity, with a rate of 0% interest when you sell your vehicle with


You understand that will reassess the vehicle listing price every 14 days until the vehicle sells or until you redeem the vehicle.

Vehicle Listing Price 14-Day Reassessment
Up to $5000 $650
$5001 - $10000 $850
$10001+ $1250

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