Do you take offers?

We are unable to accept offers of any kind. Unless you are bidding on an auction-enabled listing, all prices are set to the exact amounts authorized to be recovered to grant a clear title.

Do you take trades?

We handle sales only and do not accept trades.

How can I pay?

When purchasing outright, you can pay with a certified check, bank draft, debit, cash and credit card (VISA or Mastercard up to a total maximum of $2000). If eligible, vehicles can also be financed.

Do you offer in-house or bank financing?

There are a few misconceptions about what in-house financing and bank financing are, so let's clear up those misconceptions first:

In-house financing is a type of loan provided by a business directly to a customer, instead of securing a loan through a financial institution, where as, with bank financing, you borrow money from a bank and pay the amount financed back, plus a finance charge and interest rate over a period of time back to the lender.

We offer dealer-plan bank financing, which means that we submit your application to the banks. We do not provide in-house financing.

Do you offer pre-approval?

We do not provide pre-approval options. A commitment to purchase, and money down is required before any applications will be submitted.

How does financing work?

All applications are processed and submitted to major financial institutions such as TD and RBC. Estimated payments are based on $2000 down and include an advertised standard rate of 8.99%, as well as applicable taxes. The rate at which an applicant is actually approved will depend entirely upon their credit history.

Passenger vehicles such as cars, trucks and SUVs must be within 10 years of age in order to be finance eligible, and have a listing price of $6000 or higher.

Commercial vehicles must be within 8 years of age and have a minimum price of $6000.

When financing any vehicle, we require a minimum deposit of $2000.

How does leasing work?

If older than 8 years of age, commercial vehicles may still then be eligible for a commercial lease. Interest rates and estimated payments will not be known until an application is submitted.

Can I put $0 down?

We require a minimum deposit of $2000.

Do you offer 0% interest?

0% interest on a car loan is possible, but not for used cars. Only new car dealers with their own manufacturers financing will provide 0% interest options as promotional incentives to purchase new car inventory. These promotional rates do not apply to used cars.

Do you ship or transport vehicles?

Transportation of any vehicle is the responsibility of the purchaser, and must be arranged post-purchase. Our company does not facilitate the transportation or delivery of vehicles to purchasers.

How long do I have to complete my purchase?

Once you have secured deposit down on a vehicle thereby committing to the purchase, you have a maximum of four days to complete that purchase in-full, in-person.

How can I make a purchase?

You can make a purchase in-person, over the phone or online using the 'But it Now' option on any available listing. Call (604) 522-7376 during our hours of operation to speak with any available representative.

What is a backup purchase?

When someone has put money down and committed to buying an item, they are given four days to complete that purchase. In the meantime, we continue to take backup purchases, so that if the commitment isn't honoured, the next committed person is given priority. You can secure yourself as a backup purchaser by calling (604) 522-7376 during our hours of operation to speak with any available representative.

Can I put a deposit down to hold a vehicle?

If you want to secure a vehicle purchase, you may put a deposit of $175 plus taxes down which is deducted from the Total Payment Obligation. This deposit secures you as a purchaser and gives you four days to complete the purchase in-full.

Are deposits refundable?

When you put money down, it is with full commitment to purchase. Deposits are 100% non-refundable, non-transferable and without subjects. You are committing to purchase the item in its pre-existing condition, whether seen previously or unseen. If you do not complete as per schedule or decline to complete the purchase, your deposit is forfeit.

Do you offer warranty?

All eligible vehicles come with a complimentary 30-day powertrain warranty. You may also choose to extend your warranty for up to two years on eligible vehicles. The complimentary power-train warranty includes repair assistance for parts and labor on the engine, transmission, and differential. This complimentary warranty is honored in Canada, and is valid for up to 30 days or 2000 kilometers from the date of purchase, although some exceptions and/or limitations may apply.

How does your Money-Back Guarantee work?

The Limited Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee allows you to return your vehicle purchase by the close of the following business day (as defined by the days that Wekan Holdings Ltd. DBA Burnaby is open for business) if it is not to your satisfaction. The item must be returned in the same condition it was sold in, with a maximum of 100 additional kilometers from the odometer value indicated on the purchase agreement, or a maximum of 1 hour if equipped with an hour meter, to be eligible for a refund of the full purchase price plus taxes, less a re-stocking fee of $175 plus taxes.