Auction Policies

We want your experience at Wekan Holdings Ltd. DBA Burnaby ("Auction") to be a positive experience; therefore, we have developed these specific Auction Policies ("Policies") for The Purchasers, herein also referred to as, ("The Purchaser"), to understand their rights and obligations when using the Auction.

These Policies govern all of The Purchaser's business with the Auction. These terms and conditions apply to every agreement The Purchaser enters into with the Auction. By doing business with the Auction, The Purchaser agrees to comply with and be bound by these Policies.


Auction Privileges

The Auction reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend The Purchaser's Auction privileges for any reason at any time. Breach of these Auction Policies could result in the temporary or permanent suspension of The Purchaser's Auction privileges at any or all business units within Wekan Holdings Ltd. DBA Burnaby

Buyer Registration

You must register with The Auction by creating an account at and have an authorized credit card on file before being permitted to bid.


If you are the successful bidder, a deposit of $280 ($250 plus taxes) will be charged to the card on file, and deducted from your total payment obligation. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. Bidding is a 100% commitment to purchase.


The Purchaser agrees to pay all Auction fees for services rendered in connection with the purchase, including the sale price, plus a $350 processing fee and applicable taxes. The Purchaser understands that by bidding, you are committing to purchase. All dishonored payments will be subject to a $250 contract cancellation fee, plus applicable taxes.


The Purchaser agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Auction from and against all liabilities, damages, losses, expenses, demands, claims, suits or judgments, including reasonable legal fees and costs, in any way related to or arising out of the breach of the Policies by The Purchaser or by any employee, representative, driver, agent, contractor or contractor of The Purchaser.


Removing, stealing or tampering with parts is strictly prohibited and will result in legal action.


The Auction cooperates fully with all investigations conducted by regulatory, government and police authorities (collectively "Investigative Authorities"). By doing business at the Auction, you authorize us to provide all documents and information concerning you, your business and your purchases and sales to any Investigative Authorities requesting them.


Unless otherwise specified, The Purchaser is required to pay all applicable taxes in the province of British Columbia. Licensed dealerships are required to provide a valid dealer registration number and relevant tax numbers.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

These Policies are subject to change without notice.


Auction Details

The Purchaser is responsible for reviewing all of the information posted on or made available through the website relating to a Listing including damage estimates, photographs, options, exterior damage, interior damage, wheels and tires, remarks and announcements.

Auction Integrity

You will not use any device, software or routine to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper function of the Auction system or any Auction web site. You will not take any action that imposes an unreasonably or disproportionately large load on the Auction infrastructure.


The Purchaser accepts that all existing and or pre-existing conditions of the listed asset become The Purchaser's responsibility, and either The Purchaser's purchasing agent or The Purchaser have personally inspected the goods or have waived the right to inspect the goods at The Purchaser's own decision or risk.

Reserve Prices

Some Vehicles are sold subject to a reserve price (a minimum price at which the Vehicle must sell). The reserve amount is kept private. If the Auction does not receive any bids at or above the reserve price, the Vehicle will not be sold unless the Auction expressly authorizes the sale. Auction reserves the right not to sell a Vehicle, and the highest bid does not guarantee a sale. The authorized reserve price can be changed at any time.



The Purchaser accepts all current and future costs and responsibilities of owning the above-listed asset, including, but not limited to, servicing, maintenance, repairs, fuel, licensing and insurance. The Purchaser understands that expenses will occur post-purchase, and The Purchaser takes 100% responsibility for all costs associated. The Purchaser understands that any advice provided by service facilities or licensed technicians post-purchase is opinion-based and does not entitle The Purchaser to compensation from The Auction. Furthermore, The Purchaser understands that making submissions to the seller to pay for any of my out-of-pocket expenses will be declined, and The Purchaser releases Auction from any claims or liabilities whatsoever.

Vehicle Safety

If a vehicle is drivable, it is The Purchaser's responsibility to ensure that it complies with all applicable safety requirements before leaving the Auction premises, otherwise, the Purchaser must arrange transportation.


The Purchaser is responsible for arranging transportation post-purchase and understands that all purchases must be completed in-person.


Auction provides essential disclosure information on the Vehicles offered for sale. Disclosure information may be provided in several formats, including but not limited to: Condition Reports, Remarks, Damage Estimates, Pictures, and Vehicle History Reports (collectively "Disclosures"). The Purchaser must carefully review all Disclosures made available. The Purchaser is strongly encouraged also to do their due diligence, research, Brand verification, and vehicle history investigations before making a purchase commitment. Disclosures are made publicly available and are subject to change without notice.

Bidding Process

Ensure that you understand the bidding process. If you do not understand the bidding process, please ask one of our Customer Service Representatives to assist you.


Purchase completion and full payment are required within five days of the Auction sale day. If payment is not received in full within five days of the Auction sale day, the Vehicle may be re-sold at the next Auction sale. You will be liable to the Auction for a $250.00 contract cancellation fee and applicable taxes. Failure to pay will also result in the permanent loss of your Auction privileges.

The payment methods accepted are as follows: Certified Check, Bank Draft, Debit, Cash, Visa and Mastercard (up to a maximum total of $2000). Auction assets are NOT finance eligible.


Title to a purchased Vehicle does not transfer to The Purchaser until payment in full has been made. The Auction must receive all funds before transfer. -- We take Care of Unfinished Business TM -- small enough to care -- LARGE enough to get the job done TM