2000 Custom Aluminum River Jet Boat 24 Foot With Insulated Cabin with ...

2000 Custom 24 Foot River Jet Boat with Trailer, 340 HP Ford 460 V8 engine with 137 hours, custom aluminum hard top , four season insulated cabin, hard mounted LED light bar, two 50 gallon side saddle fuel tanks, fish finder, 4 seats, white exterior, white interior, vinyl. (Trailer Included) Trailer...
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137 hr

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Terms & Conditions - Outright Purchase

You, herein also referred to as, "I" and "The Purchaser," are making full commitment to purchase the above-listed asset by making a non-transferable partial payment of $336.00.

I acknowledge that the Creditor/Selling agent has, as of this moment, approved the sale but may terminate my purchase without notice, and defer to a buyer of their choosing. Additionally, I understand that if the Creditor/Selling agent has to cancel or postpone the sale, the partial payment will be 100% refundable. I know that I must provide the Creditor/Selling agent with accurate contact information.

I accept all current and future costs and responsibilities of owning the above-listed asset, including, but not limited to, servicing, maintenance, repairs and fuel. I understand that expenses will occur post-purchase, and I take 100% responsibility for all costs associated. I know that all existing and or pre-existing conditions of the listed asset become my responsibility, and either my purchasing agent or I have personally inspected the goods or have waived the right to inspect the goods at my own decision or risk. I understand that any advice provided to me by service facilities or licensed technicians is opinion-based and does not entitle me to compensation from Wekan Holdings Ltd. DBA Burnaby Furthermore, I understand that making submissions to the seller to pay for any of my out-of-pocket expenses will be declined, and I release Wekan Holdings Ltd. DBA Burnaby from any claims or liabilities whatsoever.


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Conveyance Fee

I agree to pay Wekan Holdings Ltd. DBA Burnaby, a $300.00 conveyance fee, and I acknowledge it before submitting this purchase request. I understand that the $300.00 conveyance fee is added to the total purchase price and is subject to applicable taxes.

Clear Title

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I acknowledge that the above item(s) are sold in their existing condition and that Wekan Holdings Ltd. DBA Burnaby may provide a 30-day limited powertrain warranty through an aftermarket warranty provider; however, some limitations and exceptions may apply. I understand that except for the provided aftermarket warranty, Wekan Holdings Ltd. DBA Burnaby makes no warranties or guarantees either expressed or implied.

Contract Commitment Cancellation

Before contract completion, I understand that I may also cancel the purchase within the contract completion period at a contract cancellation fee of $300.00 plus taxes.


Following franchise agreements, I understand that all Licensed Remarketing Centers are unable to accept trades of any sort.

Back up Purchasers

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Partial Payment

I am securing a commitment to purchase with a partial payment of $336.00 and agree to pay the remaining balance by cash, certified cheque, bank draft or debit. I acknowledge that I will be given a completion date of 5 days, including today, and I understand that the partial payment is 100% NON REFUNDABLE, NON TRANSFERABLE, WITHOUT SUBJECTS AND MUST BE COMPLETED ON OR BEFORE THE COMPLETION DATE THAT I AM GIVEN. I UNDERSTAND THAT I MUST COMPLETE MY PURCHASE IN-FULL AND IN-PERSON BY THE CONTRACT COMPLETION DATE, AND THAT IT IS MY RESPONSIBILITY TO ARRANGE TRANSPORTATION OF THE PURCHASED ASSET POST-PURCHASE. -- We take Care of Unfinished Business TM -- small enough to care -- LARGE enough to get the job done TM